• Megayacht

    Large, fast luxury yacht, luxurious internal layout, well-equipped for long-distance sailing. The shape of the color lines is simple. Showing a calm and elegant style, mainly categorised for luxury yacht with more than 100ft in length.

  • Sedan

    No fishing equipment, with upper and lower bridge and large salon, stern without accommodation, normally with an open space and more circular arc. It is the more popular and the current trend in recent years.

  • Sundeck

    The most distinctive feature of Sundeck ship is the stern and the open deck space with the sun visor at the rear of the vessel.


  • Open Type

    Single deck yacht with the main deck and above all open space including the bridge.


  • Runabout

    Small boats with single open deck and no cabin or any sunshade; high speed.


  • Sport Fisherman

    Fishing boat with complete fishing equipment. This ship type is characterized in that the cab is located on the upper deck, and the height of the rear panel is very close to the water surface, so that the shape is mainly used in conjunction with the needs of sea anglers.


  • Convertible

    Multi-purpose yacht and similar to Sport Fisherman. But the sunshade on the bridge and the fishing rack can be removed, as a general yacht.


  • Hydroplane

    High-speed motorboat. The most important feature of this type of boat is the smaller surface area of the main and upper deck. This is to reduce the wind resistance on the yacht at high speed.


  • Trawler

    The main feature is the rounded bow line with slower ship speed.


  • Catamaran

    This type of yacht has a large living room or Salon. The wide upper deck space is suitable for entertaining friends and family travel. It has a double hull design which limits the cabin space and hence can only accommodate a few narrow rooms. This is its biggest drawback. It generally also has a wider beam and hence the need for more space to dock and may need to pay a higher parking fee. And because of its size, it is also generally more difficult to dock. Due to all these drawbacks, Catamaran is less common in the market.