Yacht Fishing in Singapore

If you do not have a bridge, pier, or jetty to fish off of near your area, you may go to a marina that is home to public fishing boats or party boats. These boats are often for hire and they will supply you with rods, reels, and bait. You will be fishing with a lot of other people on this kind of boat and it can be crowded, but you have an opportunity to catch some nice fish. A boat can take you far enough that there are plenty of fish for everyone. If you do not want to fish on a crowded boat, you can fish from a charter boat or yacht. These boats are usually smaller and much more expensive to use. However, you can fish with whomever you choose or by yourself, and the captain and first mate will usually fish for whatever catch you want. A party boat is limited, too, in the type of fish it allows or encourages customers to catch depending on the time of years. Yacht fishing may restrict you to rules that determine which fish are catchable. Despite what you may see others do, always make sure to wear a lifejacket on board. Call us now if you are planning a life changing fishing experience for yourself, for your love ones and friends P.S Fishing guide/concierge will be available upon request.