Yacht Party in Singapore


How many kinds of parties have you attended before? Wedding parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties, celebration party, graduation party, … etc. But come back to think about it, in fact, many parties are very boring, fun enough to play but difficult to make your eyes lit or make you feel surprised. Generally, the party venues are normally held in the hotel, bar, club, beach, restaurants or at the organisers’ own house which may be just a little too conventional!

How about yacht party? Have you ever try?

In case you do not know, yacht is fast becoming a new party venue trend in Singapore. You will not want to leave once you lie in the sea with the yacht!

It’s really the visual impact of the surrounding which makes the different!

What can you normally see onboard a yacht? This will depend on your tour route and destinations. The norm will be the sun, the sand, and the sea. You may be able to board some of the many islands surrounding Singapore… or island hopping as what most people called it. You can also admire Singapore mainland from a different perspective; cruising around to see the various landmarks and skyline of Singapore. You can also get close to fishes and enjoy the many water activities available including kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, etc. Make full use of the natural sunlight and breath-taking background for your photo shoots, or else you will regret it. With such a unique scenery as the background, the shoot out of the photos will certainly capture the eyes of many people.

Taking a yacht out and holding party in the sea is increasingly popular as a way of lifestyle. More and more young people are beginning to like this new trending party venue! Contact SG Boat Charter NOW and we will provide you the most unforgettable party you ever experienced!