How To Rent A Yacht For A Day
Very easy. Just CLICK HERE to go to our Yacht Booking page, leave your necessary contacts and enquiries, if necessary, and we will get back to you within 3 working days.
Am I allowed to take photos and videos during the charter?
Absolutely yes. We highly encourage people to have fun and make memories of their yacht trips.
Is there mobile phone coverage while onboard the yacht?
Yes. As long as we sail within Singapore’s water, you should be able to connect to the internet on your usual data plan.
Is there any age restriction to be onboard the yacht?
Yacht sailing is suitable for anybody of all ages.
Are pregnant ladies allowed on board?
Yes. Pregnant ladies are most welcome onboard the yacht.
Is ther life jacket on board?
Yes. Local marine regulation requires all boats/yachts to carry life jackets for all passengers and crews for emergency purposes.
Do I need to bring passports?
Not necessary, as long as you are sailing within Singapore waters. But we will recommend you to bring along, if possible, in case the coast guards want to check.
I'm worry that I may get sea-sick while on board. Is this likely?
It will be good for you to bring along some sea-sickness medication as we do not provide this on the yacht.