Top 8 Popular Yacht Fishing Spots in Singapore Most Singaporeans Do Not Know


If you are an avid angler who is enthusiastic about fishing but find fishing at waterfront parks or coastline liked Bedok Reservoir Park, Sembawang Park, Pasir Ris Park or Lower Selatar Reservoir Park a little bit too common and boring, maybe you can consider to rent a chartered yacht or boat and try offshore fishing. Not only can you have a total different fishing experience, you can also expect a much more fruitful catch if you know the right place to dock your cruise. Over here, we will share with you some exotic offshore fishing places around Singapore which most Singaporeans may not know.

1. Pedra Branca (Horsburgh Lighthouse) [Coordinates: 1° 19′ 48″ N and 104° 24′ 27″ E]

Pedra Branca is located about 44km east of Singapore and is situated where the Straits of Singapore meets the South China Sea. In fact, Pedra Branca is the easternmost point of Singapore.
The main infrastructure on this outlaying island is the Horsburgh Lighthouse. This place is one of the favourite offshore fishing spots for many local anglers. You can expect to find Tuna, Grouper, Tusksfish, Emperor Fish and Trevalty in this area. Anglers are encouraged to bring along their passports as the trip may require to enter the international water. To navigate to Pedra Branca, experienced and skilful skipper is required because of the high vessel traffic in this region. No visitors are allowed on the island though.

2. Pulau Biola (Violin Island) [Coordinates: 1°9′50.4″N 103°44′32″E]

Pulau Biola, or commonly known as Violin Island, is located southwestern coast off Singapore. It is situated about 500m on top of the reputable Raffles Lighthouse at Pulau Satumu (Coney Islet). The island is known for its better quality coral reefs and marine life as compared to elsewhere off Singapore. Hence it is a favourite diving and fishing spot for many locals. Frequent boat trips to the island can be seen in most parts of the year except during the Northeast monsoon season (from November to January) when the sea is rough and underwater visibility is poor. If you are looking for pelagic fish, the sea trench between Violin Island and Raffles Lighthouse is the place you should try your luck at.

3. Pulau Hantu (Ghost Island) [Coordinates: 1°13′34″N 103°45′00″E]

Pulau Hantu (meaning “Ghost Island” in Malay) is located to the south of Singapore mainland and is only half an hour drive by speed boat. It can be seen as two islands when at high tide but is possible for one to trudge across the shallow lagoon between the two islets when at low tide and hence the name given. Similar to Pulau Biola, It is also a popular place for scuba divers and adventurous fishing enthusiasts. Common fishes find in this place are mainly pelagic fish such as trevallies due to the vast shallow coral reefs and strong current. Visitors are allowed on the island with 2 swimming lagoons, shelters and picnic areas and public toilet facilities available. Access to the island can be via charter boat from West Coast Pier.

4. Pulau Sakijang Pelepah (Lazarus Island) [Coordinates: 1°13′20.1354″N 103°51′19.296″E]

Also known as Lazarus Island, Pulau Sakijang Pelepah is one of the 8 southern islands in Singapore. It is sandwiched by Saint John’s Island and Kusu Island, and has been combined with Pulau Seringat from the north after land reclamation. The place can be reached by public ferry from Marina South Pier to Saint John’s Island and walk via a paved bridge link. It is one of the better developed island with electric and water supply and proper pathway.

A large diversity of juvenile fish can be found at the bay of the island. Some common ones are breams, cardinal fish, eels, fusiliers, groupers, herrings, lizard fish, rabbit fish, scads, sergeant fish, snappers, stargazers, tusk fish, and wrasses.

5. Pulau Satumu (Coney Islet) [Coordinates: 1°09′33″N 103°44′27″E]

The infamous Raffles Lighthouse is built on this island. It is about 14km south of Singapore mainland and is the southernmost island of Singapore.
It is rumoured that dolphins are occasionally seen near this island hence suggesting that this area may be a gathering spot for predatory fish.

In case you do not know what is predatory fish, better known predatory fish includes tuna, rays, salmon, grouper, perch and angelfish which prey upon other fish or marine animals for survival. Hence you can expect to catch bigger fish in this area if you are lucky enough.

6. Pulau Semakau [Coordinates: 1°12′22″N 103°45′43″E]

Also known as Semakau Island, Pulau Semakau is located about 8km south of Singapore mainland and is Singapore’s first and only remaining offshore landfill. It is mainly filled with ash made from incinerating the country’s waste and transported there in covered barge. You may think the island is a dirty and smelly place. On the contrary, special care is placed by the Singapore government such that the site is kept clean and free of smell. In fact, the natural environment including the marine life around the place is not affected by the landfill activities. Decent-sized groupers, snappers and tusk fish can be found at the southern part of the island.

7. Pulau Tekukor – off Sentosa [Coordinates: 1°13′51″N 103°50′16″E]

Another island at the southern part of Singapore, Pulau Tekukor a lengthy island and is situated in between Sentosa Island and St John’s Island. It used to be the dumping ground for ammunition but was closed in the 1980s. Natural rocky cliffs house on one side of the island with groupers and scorpion fish commonly spotted in the area.

8. Sultan Shoal Lighthouse – off Jurong Island [Coordinates: 1°14′22.8″N 103°38′52.9″E]

As the name implies, this unmanned automated lighthouse is sitting on Sultan Shoal island which is at the south west coast of Singapore. It is located in between Jurong Island and Tuas Reclamation Land, and is well sheltered from the Southwest monsoon. The island is so close to Jurong Island that you can clearly see its oil refineries even at night. Nice size groupers can be catch at this area.
These are the top 8 popular and exotic yacht fishing spots you can consider to venture during your weekends or short getaways and which most Singaporeans may not know. Hope you find it useful. If you want to explore any one of these places and is in need of yacht chartering service, free feel to contact us!