Yacht Cruise in Singapore

Yacht Cruising in Singapore can be basically classified into day or night charter.  

Itinerary for Day Charter

– We will cruise you off to Lazarus Island first for day charter. You and your guests will be able to use the 2 kayaks available onboard or may take a dip in the sea water. After Lazarus Island, we will cruise you around the southern island of Singapore where you will be able to look at a few prominent structure of Singapore. Lastly we will be docking and anchor at St John Island where our skipper will allow disembarkation and allow you to have a stroll on the island before moving back to Sentosa Cove marina.  

Itinerary for Night Charter:

– We will cruise to Pahlawan Beach where you and your guests will be able to look at a 15mins-20 mins show from sentosa. We will then cruise around the southern island of Singapore which you can enjoy the lightings of Marina Barrage and its structure and the Marina Bay Sand. The last stop will also be at St John Island but for night charter, our skipper will not allow any disembarkation for safety purposes.  

List of All Possible Destinations

1) Singapore – Southern Islands Trip – Lazarus – St. John’s islands – Sisters’ islands – Kusu island – Pulau Hantus 2) Marina Bay view 3) View of Singapore CBD from the Southern sea 4) Southern Singapore Coast.