An Exotic and Extravagant Dining Experience on-board a Private Yacht

Private Yacht chartering is available in almost any place in the world whether the individuals who is hiring the yacht is an experienced sailor or not.  There are popular Caribbean yacht charters that sail the waters in the Windward, Leeward and Virgin Islands, depending on the charter.  Same for our South-east Asia region, we do have private yachts that sail within the South-east Asia countries. The best thing about yacht charters is that they are very flexible in schedule, traveling wherever the individual wants to go during the time that the yacht is chartered. You can even hire the yacht for a sunset cruise and enjoy a romantic dinner on-broad the private yacht. Although the captain has ultimate control of the ship, if the individuals on the ship want to stay on-board just for dinner, and skip a planned area altogether, that is totally up to the clients. Why Charter Just For Dining? Chartering a yacht is like having a traveling high class hotel.  It is somewhat like sailing on a cruise ship in that there are certain things that are included in the cost of the charter, but the meal on the yacht, liquor and wines are not.  Most yacht charters are up front with all of the costs that are included in the charter and what costs will have to be met by the individual along the way.  However, each cruise could be customised to the need of the client who is chartering the yacht. For instance to include a meal for 2 or for the family, the extra costs will incur, so individuals must be ready for those extra costs and plan them in so that they can fully enjoy the trip without the stress of money issues. During the trip, before the dinner is served, if individuals want to learn to sail, the captain of the ship and the crew are most often willing to give some basic lessons.  This is not required, however, since the crew is fully capable of managing the boat without the help of the clients.  Some of the larger yachts have small sail boats that can be taken out by the clients while they are in port for some fun sailing in different coves.  Most of the yacht charters also supply the snorkeling equipment and other water toys.  If the client hire the boat is for sunset cruise, there may not have enough time to have the activities mentioned above. The dining menu is usually selected with the most delicious dishes on the yacht charters and unlike cruise ships, the meal times can be fully set by the clientele, in addition to the foods of choice.  Often there is a professional chef that is onboard the yacht to cook all of the meals to the client’s taste. Hence, the choice of the private yacht chartering company is most important if you decided to have an enjoyable dining experience on-board a private yacht!