The ultra stylish Marina Bay in Singapore (Photo: William Cho via Flickr)


South East Asia is growing rapidly as a major hub for luxury yacht charter, and at the heart of this revolution is Singapore. Renowned for its cultural diversity and world class food scene, it is a veritable melting pot of influences from China, India and Malaysia, plus a liberal sprinkling of Western consumerism and commerce.

Surrounded by a vast scattering of islets, Singapore is an ideal destination for a private yacht charter. Its magnificent cruising grounds combined with two state-of-the-art marinas make it extremely well set up for accommodating all of your yachting needs. With Singapore playing host to several prestigious vents such as the Singapore Grand Prix and the annual Singapore Yacht Show, there are also plenty of flagship occasions that serve as excuses to rent a yacht in Singapore.

Our Yacht Charter Search Results

As South East Asia has burgeoned as a yachting destination, the number of charter companies in the area has spiralled too. As a result, there’s no shortage of options for those seeking a locally-based company for yacht rental in Singapore. There are also plenty of agencies worldwide providing the same service, however they tend not to manage or own their own yacht fleet. To help you navigate the choices available, we’ve dug into the detail and plucked out three companies we’d recommend for your Singapore oceanic adventure.

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